Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cause of acne skin are mostly due ourself

The cause of acne skin are mostly due to unhyginic surrounding we stay and the daily food we take. Most of the cause of acne skin are cause by ourself the heaty and oily food we take, late night sleep most of the time. Heavy smokers, too many cups of tea of coffee per day and lastly too much alcohol.

Caring for our skin is important for good health and beauty. If you had acne skin try to see your doctor, as your doctor can recommended the right acne treatments for your skin. Bacteria can feed on the dead skin cells that are not properly exfoliated away, making this a more likely target for growth. All these things are generally the case for most types of acne.

Wash your face after a dustly outing with gentle soap. Rinse with lots of water and pat dry with a soft towel, when going to bed remmember to wash your face. Moisten the face with warm water, then apply cleanser from the hairline to the neck. Most importantly, picking at or rubbing acne blemishes must be strictly avoided, since this can lead to permanent scarring and skin discoloration.