Friday, November 24, 2006

Prevention of acne skin

Acne skin affects most on teenages but many adult also struggle with acne skin. Many
successful people with acne skin is the control their diets they take, going for properd medical supervision by a professional dermatologist who prescribe the right prescription products.

Prevention of acne skin is depends on you as treatment is a temporary remedies to help you with acne skin. Care of acne skin is the most important things. Drinking alot of water most of the day will help your complextion. Avold heaty, spices and oily food. Take more natural and nutition food such as whole diet foods, fruits and vegetables this will help to control and care for acne skin.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Make a habit to wash your face to avoild acne skin

Acne skin affects many people of today mostly the teenages people are likely to affects most. There are many ways of controlling acne skin and you can find many acne skin care product selling in market today.

The basis of the skin care process is to practice in your daily life by gentle wash your face with tap water every morning, evening and going to sleep. Take a rest to cool the heat then wash your face after going out shopping in hot sun or having your daily exercise as this will make your feel cool and also unclog the pores on the skin surfave. Alway remmember to wash your make up before going to sleep as to unclog the pores on your face.

Food take daily is another Common cause for acne skin problems so avoild heated or fried food or even spices food. Take more vegetable and fuits and drinks more water as a way to prevent acne skin.