Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Acne skin affected most teenagers

Acne skin affected most teenagers to their late twenty. The most common acne skin are pimples and its was most cause when cell that are close to the surface are block and cause a buildup of underneath our face. This cause bacteria to stay in our skin result in surrounding tissue to become inflamed. When the inflammation became deeper pimple start to develop on our face.

Most of this treatment can be treat by purchasing this acne skin product from drugstore or cosmetic counter but if you find that your cases are more serious is is wise to consult a skin doctor for treatment options. Most of the cause of acne skin are food that we eat each day. Heated and fried foods are the main cause. Take more fruits and vegetable and drinks plenty of water. Others cause are stress and the dirt on the road. Wash your face after sometimes when you reach home.